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Thank you John;)


John in #38 for strawbcrryfields :3

Well idk but I think I’m getting a bit better at these? 

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"Oh just do as he says. Help yourself."


Everything about this scene is so important to me. We’ve never seen Sherlock this distressed before, he has tears in his eyes and he is screaming for John. He literally fights his way through a burning fire with his bare hands to pull John out. This is Moriarty holding true to his promise; ‘I will burn the heart out of you.’ Because Moriarty knows that John Watson is his heart. He knows Sherlock will do - and has done - anything and everything for John. How anyone can deny Sherlock’s love for him after S3 is beyond me. I don’t think it’s possible for Sherlock to be any more in love with John than he is at the end of HLV. John is his soul, his every breath, his life... And when John finally has Sherlock in his arms, when they finally let themselves be after all that’s happened, I think Sherlock might break with all his love. And John will be the one that puts him back together. 

Happy Birthday John Watson (July 7)

We and Sherlock love you very much 

last thing I remember
is our beautiful bodies grindin’ off in that club
drunk in love, we be all night

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sh - jw : the game is on

Finally done my part of the collaboration with suis0u !

I love making this kind of drawing, I mean, start with reference, have some ideas while drawing, and have an unexpected result. Like for example, the right part of Sherlock; I didn’t know what to do here, because I had John’s arm on the over side and nothing on this one. So I’ve started to draw Sherlock’s coat longer and it became this kind of black wing protecting John’s head (perhaps a ‘Smaug’ inspiration somewhere!) I had fun with this one, maybe except John’s face because his expression was quite difficult and the whole shading was so long… So there’s that, thanks to suis0u who had the idea of the playing card, I’m waiting now her finished piece and we’ll can see them together;(and I’ve already an idea of a new ‘playing card’ in mind, whith Sherlock&Jim this time!)

Drawing on bristol paper, 50x33cm (19,6’x13’)

Tools: mechanical pencil with 4B lead, 4B graphite pencil.





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